The final design (tentatively)

7 02 2007

The final design is in! Now that we’re in possession of all SubjuGator’s components, we can accurately plan for the weight distribution, space consumption, and any other limitations of said components. After weeks of each department (electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering) putting in their two cents, everyone agreed on this design:


The aluminum hull dissipates heat build up from the internal electronics. Also, stronger than Lexan, SubjuGator will be able to dive deeper sans worried engineers. An external aluminum “cage” supports the hull on dry land and also acts as mounting point for external sensors such as cameras. Since aluminum lacks the transparency of Lexan, the cage must support the cameras.


The DVL rests at the center of the turning axis to avoid unnecessary coordinate changes when only changing heading. One thruster adorns each endcap and each side of the sub. Additionally, a strafing thruster is positioned in the center of the hull, just above the DVL. All wetplug connections conveniently interface the sub below the sub, at the DVL enclosure. Past designs have had the disadvantage of a wetplugs protruding from one endcap.


The hull has a certain added complexity from years past. Much more planning and machining goes into a design such as this one than into a tube plugged at both ends. However, given the current team of engineers, I am alright with this.




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