11 01 2007

    This blog will note the developmental decisions and progress of Team Subjugator— the two-time national champion of AUVSI and ONR‘s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) competition. I aim to catalogue the team’s work for the sake of our peers, the competition judges, the robotics community, and most especially, the team itself. What the team reads here as a review of our successes and failures, you can use as an inside look at how a team robotics effort operates.

Discussions on SubjuGator’s hardware, software, and operating algorithms will be limited in their detail until the 2007 competition nears. Though we encourage peer learning, this is still a competition. Within this subset of discussions, the majority will focus on SubjuGator’s software because software and algorithm design is my primary role on Team Subjugator.

Post often and I’ll answer any questions of which I am capable of answering.